Local Election Official and Office Contact Data

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is the recognized leader in the curating and provision of data relating to local election officials and their offices. US Vote’s Election Official Directory (EOD) enables developers of voter or election services applications to utilize the data in our comprehensive election jurisdiction database in their own application or website.

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Election Dates and Deadlines

The US Vote data set includes Election Dates and Deadlines for U.S. Domestic and Overseas Voters. Detailed deadline information includes date ranges for Early and In-Person Absentee Voting. US Vote’s data maintenance services give developers and voter organizations the confidence needed to populate their tools and apps with the most accurate dates and deadlines data available.

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State Voter Information

Voting regulations vary from state to state. Even for federal level elections, there are no two states with the same requirements and no two states that describe their requirements in the same way. US Vote has remediated this problem with our State Voting Requirements and Information database, and in doing so has created a valuable data resource for developers and voting organizations that need to manage this ongoing data challenge.

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Voting Methods and Options

State election laws vary and not all states offer the same methods or options for casting a ballot. Letting voters know their options is an important service. US Vote’s data set for Voting Methods and Options allows you to provide services that support voters seeking alternatives voting methods that allow them to fit civic participation into their lives.State election laws vary and not all states offer the same methods or options for casting a ballot.

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Hosted Systems Solutions

New! Domestic Vote-by-Mail / Absentee Ballot Widget and Hosted System Solution

Whether for one state, or all 50 plus the territories, US Vote’s Domestic Vote-by-Mail Absentee Ballot Request software solutions will enable your voter outreach organization, state or jurisdiction to help voters complete legible ballot requests and send them in for processing faster. Available as a Widget or a Hosted System to give voters the opportunity to access a guided system that speeds the process for requesting their ballot.

The automated absentee ballot request wizard streamlines all state requirements into a customized state-specific flow with state-specific form output for domestic voters, complete with instructions and the local election office address and contact information. Usage reporting options are also available.

This solution can be provided as a Widget - embedded in a page on your website, or as a customized hosted system solution. It can offer all states' ballot request flows, or just one state.

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Online Voter Services Customized to Fit Your Needs

US Vote, together with our Overseas Vote initiative, provides a comprehensive set of services that can enable you to meet the voting needs of your target audience. Customizable Hosted Systems Solution (HSS) give you all the tools you need to offer a full suite of voter services to your voters. It's fast and easy. Our HSS delivers a complete site - you choose which of the US Vote-developed tools and services will run under your banner on a site fully hosted and maintained by the US Vote organization for you.All that is left is for you to post a banner or a link to your new personalized services and we do the rest.

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LOC elections

Fixing the Problem of Low Voter Turnout in US Local Elections: A Data-driven Solution

While many reasons exist for low voter turnout, one of the most salient factors is the complexity of the U.S. voting ecosystem. There are over 90,000 local governments nationwide, and tens of thousands of local elections take place across the country every year. This complexity lends itself to an enormous information gap that significantly complicates the task of being an informed voter. Knowing what or who is on the ballot, much less where and when and how to vote, become daunting tasks that are effective barriers to local voting.

U.S. Vote Foundation' solution to this problem (LOCelections) has been designed to be the repository of record for information on dates, deadlines and eligibility for all US local elections. The LOCelections data resource will contain information on local election dates, deadlines, eligibility and other key data from across the country to enable intelligent, informed voting at the local level and to help improve local voter participation.

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“As a national organization, Rock the Vote works to inform and engage young people across the country in elections. One of the biggest challenges it faces is continuing to engage young people in off-year elections, particularly in small, local races where information is difficult to source. U.S. Vote Foundation's planned expansion of its civic API would allow Rock the Vote to consistently inform its users of upcoming elections and prepare them to participate, ensuring young people have a voice in every election.” 

Melissa Wyatt

Associate Director of Civic Technology and Policy

“U.S. Vote Foundation has a record of developing tools that are beneficial to the voting rights community. We are excited about the prospect of LOCelections to enable us to continue to advance and defend the right to vote. It would be a huge benefit to our work and voters who are in dire need of information to participate in our democracy.”

Marcia Johnson Blanco

Co-Director, Voting Rights Project, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

“US Vote is doing a fantastic job of gathering and standardizing resources for voters. We are excited to leverage their work to better inform our users about upcoming elections. This is the perfect example of civic tech organizations empowering each other to create more impact than any one could have on its own.” 

Marci Harris

CEO and Co-founder, POPVOX

“As an organization that registers young people to vote, we're constantly struck by how little people know about local elections and what's happening in their own communities - the churnings of democracy that affects them most. The LOCelections resource from U.S. Vote Foundation will therefore be invaluable to our work.” 

Andy Bernstein

Executive Director, Headcount

The LOCelections project is a critical step forward in helping all Americans to learn more about the level of government closest to home. We believe in this endeavor. A system in which citizens do not have access to the most basic information about more than 95% of the elections on their ballot is broken. Let's fix it together.

Daniel Anderson

Local Desk Editor, Ballotpedia.org

"R/GA looked at nearly every civic data product before deciding on US Vote’s Civic Data and API to power GoVoteBot - a chatbot to help voters during the 2016 General Election. We found success by engaging first-time voters in new ways that turned complicated voting questions into a simple conversation. US Vote offered comprehensive data and excellent support through their depth of knowledge around our electoral system.” - Brad Jacobson, Sr. Experience Strategist

Brad Jacobson

Sr. Experience Strategist, R/GA

“The U.S. Vote Foundation’s Election Official Directory saves people a significant amount of time when searching for their state and local election officials. It is a useful tool, and we are pleased to incorporate it on our canivote.org site.”

Leslie Reynolds

Executive Director, National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS)

“U.S. Vote Foundation has been a critical component of our constituent engagement tool from day one. They have actively leaned in and worked with us to make sure their API handles the new era of constituent-facing chat bots. It’s been a delight working with the foundation and it’s hard to overstate the importance of their work.”

Mark Hansen

Cofounder & CEO, Hey Mayor!

“Vote.org chose to work with US Vote’s Civic Data for election office address and contact information because, honestly, it’s the best curated and most up-to-date data we could find. As a leader in vote-by-mail/absentee voting, we need to rely on the accuracy of the data we feed into our apps. We’ve been really pleased with the personal relationship we have with the US Vote team, their responsiveness to our needs and their commitment to data quality.”

Debra Cleaver

Founder and CEO, Vote.org

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