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What is a Hosted Systems Solution and who can use it?

US Vote, together with our Overseas Vote initiative, provides a comprehensive set of services that can enable you to meet the voting needs of your target audience.  The customizable Hosted Systems Solution (HSS) can give you all the tools you need to offer your voters a full suite of voter services. It's fast and easy.

Our HSS delivers a complete site - you choose which of the US Vote-developed tools and services will run under your banner on a site fully hosted and maintained by the US Vote organization for you. All that is left is for you to post a banner or a link to your new personalized services and we do the rest.

An HSS from US Vote can meet the needs of states, counties, nonprofits, corporations, PACs, campaigns, associations and any organization involved in voter outreach and participation. With the HSS you can now offer your own state-of-the-art, customized voter services with no extra effort.

What we provide:


Voter Registration Application - automated registration wizard that streamlines all state requirements into a customized process with state-specific form creation for domestic, overseas and military voters

Absentee Ballot Application - automated absentee ballot request wizard that streamlines all state requirements into a customized process with state-specific form creation for domestic, overseas and military voters

Voter Account - the hub of the individual voter's voting experience, the Voter Account allows voters to save their data for future use, efficiently manage their voter profile, reprint forms, identify contacts, reps and more [Learn more about the Voter Account]

Vote-Print-Mail Federal Mail-in Absentee Ballot - provides automated Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) completion, downloading and processing instructions for overseas and military voters

Election Official Directory - the most complete election official database available.

State-specific Voter Information Directory - election dates and deadlines, eligibility, requirements and all other pertinent voter information: includes domestic, overseas and military personnel-specific data

Mailing List Services - automatic mailing list development and sign-up facilities are incorporated into every system

Reporting Dashboard - interactive data management system designed to provide you with standard and customized reports.

What you can customize with your HSS: 

Web Page Design - customized to match your website style

Voter Help Desk - tailored to your organization; with optional support ticket management 

System Output - forms, letters of instruction and emails produced by the voter registration, absentee ballot and write-in ballot applications

Online Data Transfer - ask us about options for data transfer to your database or balloting system


What your HSS can provide your users:

⦁ A simple, user-friendly experience with all necessary information, forms, and support right at the user’s fingertips.

⦁ All features can be integrated into your website style with no effort - we handle development, installation, and maintenance.