Election Dates and Deadlines

Election Dates and Deadlines

Election dates and deadlines are highly dynamic. Even during the course of an election cycle, they often shift. New processes for voter materials transmission have become available, which has made the process of understanding and making use of dates and deadlines data relating to any single election more complex and more essential than ever.

Support for U.S. Domestic and Overseas Voters

The US Vote Election Dates and Deadlines data set includes information for U.S. Domestic and Overseas Voters and includes date ranges for Early and In-Person Absentee Voting. US Vote’s data maintenance program gives developers and voter organizations the confidence they require to provide tools and apps that give specific and detailed information on election dates and deadlines.

Developers and organizations are encouraged to use the data in unique and creative ways. To see examples of available data in action, please visit the online Election Dates and Deadlines lookup service on the US Vote website.

View of VA State Elections Page


Continuously Updated Dynamic Data

This highly dynamic election data set offers extensive data regarding voting deadlines by method and voter type. You can now inform voters of the precise options available to them. US Vote makes that possible. 

This incredibly rich and comprehensive data set includes deadlines for registration, ballot return, absentee ballot requests, early voting, in person absentee voting, and more.


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