Local Election Official and Office Contact Data

Every voter has an Election Official who cares about them and their voting experience. These election administrators are of vital importance to the voting process. They are the closest to the election and to the voters they serve. 

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is the recognized leader in the curating and provision of data relating to local election officials and their offices. US Vote’s Local Election Office and Contact Data enables developers of voter or election services applications to utilize the data in our comprehensive election jurisdiction database in their own application or website.

Creating tools that connect voters to their Election Officials is one way to use this data effectively.


A Highly Curated Data Resource

The Local Election Office and Contact Data Set is a highly curated data resource that US Vote’s Overseas Vote initiative pioneered in 2004 to facilitate overseas and military voter registration and absentee ballot request processing, which is carried out at the local election office level. Since then, it has become the leading and most comprehensive data source of its kind.


Local Communication – Nationwide Data Set

The extensive contact data set for 7,825 local election offices supports communications between voters and the local election officials who serve them. Our highly-developed data curation and maintenance program gives developers and voter organizations the confidence they require to provide full service applications that use local election office addresses and contact information. 

Developers and organizations are encouraged to use the data in unique and creative new ways. To see examples of available data in action, please visit the online Election Official Directory on the US Vote website.

example of an election official directory record

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