State Voting Requirements

Every State is Unique

Voting regulations vary from state to state. There are no two states with the same requirements and no two states that describe their requirements in the same way.

US Vote has standardized and normalized state voting requirements information to make this data more accessible. Our State Voting Requirements offers a valuable data resource for developers and voting organizations that need to manage this ongoing data challenge.


Curated by Experts

Maintained by the Foundation's research team, the State Voting Requirements and Information database contains a treasure trove of data on state-specific voting requirements. Why spend time to research, collect and maintain this constantly changing data when you can simply use the Civic Data API to bring it into your application or website with complete confidence on its accuracy and completeness.








See It in Action

You can check US Vote’s State Voting Requirements and Information directory service to see the rich database of information about voter eligibility, election dates and deadlines, voting regulations, voter materials transmission options, and more.




Available Data

  • General Voting Information, Absentee and Early Voting
  • U.S. Domestic Voter Eligibility and Pre-registration
  • Overseas and Military Voter ID and Eligibility
  • Voter ID for Registration
  • Voter ID at the Polls
  • State Lookup Tools
  • Voting Methods and Options (Domestic and Overseas)
  • Voter Materials Transmission Options (Domestic and Overseas)

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